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Barbers are often the only ones who know ‘the true cost’ of hair loss in Australia.

Although around 85 percent of men experience hair loss by the age of 50, most suffer in silence: they don’t tell their wives, girlfriends, mates, parents, siblings or colleagues how they really feel about their thinning hair.

Many do however tell their barber.

So, although hair loss is a ‘normal’ part of life, barbers know it often has a devastating impact on men’s self-esteem – and every other aspect of their lives.

But despite knowing this, until recently barbers couldn’t do much to help such men other than offer them the best cut, colour and styling to hide their ‘bald patches’ as much as possible for as long as possible.

Fortunately, barbers can now direct their balding clients to and to find out everything they need to know about NeoGraft hair restoration.

NeoGraft is a ‘minimally invasive’ FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair restoration procedure that is transforming the hairlines of men (and women) around the country.

Although it arrived in Australia just two years ago, the NeoGraft Hair Restoration System has already proven its effectiveness in the US for over 10 years with an average ‘Worth It’ rating of 95 percent on

Distributed by Venus Concept, NeoGraft uses

semi-automated follicular unit extraction and implantation technology to restore a patient’s hairline without leaving a visible scar.

According to Venus Concept practice development manager Whitney Stronach, the device eliminates the inefficiencies of manual extractions and implants so doctors can “perform fast, effective and safe hair transplants that are comfortable for patients and produce superior clinical results”.

Each NeoGraft Hair Restoration procedure is performed in two steps – harvesting and placement – under light sedation:

1.The doctor (or technician) numbs the patient’s donor site (usually at the back of the scalp) with local anaesthetic and then uses NeoGraft’s semi-automated handpiece to gently extract hair follicles in naturally occurring groups of one to three hairs.

2. After sorting the follicles by size, the doctor (or technician) numbs the recipient sites and strategically implants individual follicles (grafts) in balding areas to create a natural-looking hairline.

Despite its relatively recent launch, NeoGraft is already proving popular with leading plastic surgeons such as Dr Lisa Friedrich, Dr Michael Zacharia and Dr Anh Nguyen and cosmetic doctors such as Dr Nik Davies, Dr Matthew Holman and Dr Ricky Sia – and their patients.

And Whitney believes NeoGraft will inevitably increase not only its market share, but also the total size of the Australian hair transplant market in the next few years.

Neograft FUE hair restoration, patient 01 before treatment at ND Skin Neograft FUE hair restoration, patient 01 1-month after treatment Neograft hair restoration, patient 01 12 months after treatment, ND Skin

“There is no doubt that most people are not happy going bald, and now they finally have access to a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure that really works.”

“In addition, as the procedure is performed without any surgical incisions there is minimal pain and discomfort so patients can go home immediately afterwards and return to work and work and their normal routine just three days later.”

Whitney concludes that although individual results vary (depending on the patient’s age, stage of hair loss, donor-site, number of grafts, etc.), NeoGraft has proven its effectiveness on thousands of men and women in the US since its launch in 2009 with its average 95 percent ‘Worth It’ rating on

“Hair loss causes so much emotional pain and distress to so many men and women, but fortunately, thanks to NeoGraft, we can now treat it effectively without surgery or scarring.” Dr Nik Davies

“We can, therefore, confidently say that NeoGraft creates a full natural-looking hairline for the vast majority of hair loss patients.

“Most of our patients also report that they ‘look more like they used to’.”

And best of all the results of a NeoGraft hair restoration procedure are permanent.

“During a NeoGraft transplant terminal hair extracted from the donor site is implanted into balding areas, where they gradually regrow as healthy, fully functioning hairs,” explains Whitney.

“These new terminal hairs are highly resistant to hair loss and therefore grow permanently at their new site (unless they are negatively impacted by external factors such as major health issues and accidents).”

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